메인베너 메인베너 메인베너 메인베너
메인베너 메인베너 메인베너 메인베너
The goal of our church is preaching the fourfold gospel, salvation, holiness, healing, and return of Jesus with greater power and confidence to sanctify all people and deliver our church members to live a holy and righteous life to stand as a blameless and glorious church for day of second coming.
1. 1 Million Holy believers campaign of 3ooo churches
 Primary work that our church of 100th anniversary year in 2007 emphasizes is a missionary work in Korea. Our church denomination sets the vision that one million believers in holiness church achieve a missionary work of 100th anniversary so there must be an improvement in every parts of opening new churches, supporting church under need, growth and revival in church, mission in society, and so forth. Our committee will do our utmost to achieve the goal of 1 million holy believers campaign and generously supply human resources and financial support.  
2. Financial support for minimum standard of living cost for workers in church under need.
 The 92th General Conference Committee decided to unify a negotiation channel of offering for national missionary work and is planning to activate missionary work in Korea with it. According to statistical data from the religious influence, it was shown even though 509 churches are supporting 1209 small churches under need with spending over 45hundered million budget, there is no official policy or plan in supporting other church, as a result, there are problems of biased support and transparency issue. Consequently, by unifying a negotiation channel, we are able to effectively administer the policy of supporting minimum standard of living cost for church workers.
3. Opening new church with strategy
 Opening new church and its growth and improvement are glory of Lord and great mission of church and fundamental task foreordaining life or death of our church denomination and mission. Churches needs to be continuously open and the new church must grow, revive, and be improved. In 21 century, there is a demand of perfect preparation and strategy for opening church, therefore, our committee is planning to support for small churches and new open churches in specific regions for their growth.
4. Mission for North Korea to Prepare United Nation
 Unification is our earnest wish and the half of this country, North Korea was a barren land for gospel for last 50 years. In addition, as the miserable reality about hunger of people in North Korea is delivered to public media, we regard this as a connection point for missionary work and do our best to help North Koreans and defectors and we wish the door of preaching gospel can be open in North Korea with this. Furthermore, we should be ready for united Korea by preparing everything need for mission work in North Korea and reconstruction of North Korean church.
5. Mission in Society
 Our denomination of the 100th anniversary of mission work became what we are now by direct missionary work. Also, the gospel of holiness that we put great value on says that without 'social holiness', it cannot be perfect gospel. Unfortunately, mission work of our church denomination for a society cannot deny that it has been done without church policy but only with personal wish and responsibility and it was always isolated from our church policy. We have the mission to face the reality in this society demanding various missionary works and play a great role with confidence and power for the identity as a holiness church and perfect holiness gospel.